Adding Some Privacy to Your Studio Apartment

When you choose to live in the studio apartments, it can become somewhat challenging – particularly when it is about your privacy. Open space in these apartments makes things difficult for you to separate the sleeping quarters, dining room, and the living room. However, by implementing some good ideas, you’ll be able to conquer any privacy issues as well as make individual areas serve specific purposes. Here are some ideas for you to consider when looking to add privacy to your small rental unit.

It is not necessary for you to spend too much money for putting up the wall in a rental apartment that provides you with the desired privacy level besides enough storage. Pay a visit to any home improvement store in your area and search for the modular storage or simple bookcases. These units can be placed between the living room and the sleeping area, painted to match the rest of the décor, and then filled up with books or wine allowing you to enjoy some instant privacy in your apartments Winston Salem NC.

Sliding screen panels have been used for sectioning off the rooms in quite a few of the Asian cultures. Shoji screens are appealing as they tend to be visually pleasing and lightweight and can help you in separating your living spaces and allow you to have enough light coming through screen material at the same time. Similar ceiling track design can be used be you with somewhat a solid material in case if it is desired to make a private environment.

Whether you go for ceiling-mounted hanging roller shade or some freestanding unit, using bamboo room dividers can be a quite inexpensive and casual way of dividing up your space in the studio apartment with open floor design. Pay a visit to home improvement shop in your area and you’ll be able to find some hanging shade that is large enough for going from ceiling to the floor covering six ft. width. Alternately, you have the option of building trough-like simple floor planter and use insulating foam in it and then stand a bamboo in the box for creating your self-supporting room divider.

Another great idea for adding privacy to your small apartments in Winston Salem is to use the folding screen. It’s considered amongst the versatile furniture pieces that one can ever own. You can satin a simple wooden screen and stencil or paint it for matching almost any décor. You can even repaint it any time for changing with the changing seasons. Folding screen can be used for sectioning off area in front or beside the bed for creating movable privacy wall to have separate sleeping quarters. You can even use the screen as the headboard as soon as you don’t need to have any more privacy in times to come. This makes it a practical option for you to consider.