Studio Apartment Tips – How You Can Separate Your Bedroom and Living Room?

Studio Apartment Tips - How You Can Separate Your Bedroom and Living Room?

When you opt to live in the studio apartments Winston salem nc you have to deal with certain merits and demerits that your prospective apartment rental can come up with. On one side, these apartments are often quite affordable and are a feasible choice when you have to live independently and don’t have much money for spending on heavy rents. On flip side, these apartments are nothing more than a big room, with separate bathroom and a kitchen space, but there are no specified places for sleeping areas and living rooms. To be fortunate, one can make separate areas with the help of items that may already be there in the home or with the ones which are quite inexpensive.

When you have to separate your living space and the bedroom in studio apartment, you can make use of big furniture pieces between these two areas. The couch can be placed in a way that it serves to be the barrier which defines two spaces. You can also look for potted plants or bookcases and place them to serve the desired purpose. Make sure that heavy objects are placed on lower shelves in bookcases so that they can be prevented from falling down. You can arrange plants one after the other and use their foliage for making a screen.

Another option for dividing spaces in your rental studio apartments is to hang curtain from ceiling between two spaces. Eye hooks can be installed into ceiling and a curtain can be suspended from the hooks. You can also think about using curtain rod for hanging it. In case if you are looking for some cloth which you can move easily out of your way and can extend it across your room’s length then panel track installation can be your choice. The curtain or cloth attaches with the hooks into track enabling it to get tucked or pushed away whenever needed.

You can also think about placing decorative screen between two spaces. These screens offer explicit separation between the two areas. They can also be a source of adding style, color and design into the environment. The decorative screens tend to be quite light and hence they can be moved fairly easily.

There are many DIY options available to you as well when it comes to room dividers. You can simply recycle any items available in your home/apartment and turn them into the most effective room dividers which can also be a source of adding some style into your space. For making your apartment look bigger than what it actually is, you should use single light color on the walls for decorating your whole living area. If you go for so many color options then it will make your space appear a bit crowded or cluttered. So, only make wiser choices.